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We are a creative and research studio. We make complex knowledge have a positive impact and penetrate society by making it understandable, transformative and relevant to people.



The engine and soul of incognita to create projects, to make them exciting, transformative and faithful to the knowledge they communicate.

Communicative innovation

Immersive experiences, video games, audiovisuals, documentaries, installations, communication campaigns, influencers or everything at once.


We rethink what and how to communicate, the alliances needed to create transformative and transversal projects and the channels to do it in the most effective way.

Who are we for?

We promote our own projects but we also offer services to those who are looking for different ways to communicate and have a positive impact on society. For those who see the clouds on the horizon and want to do something to improve the world. For those who think that science, rigour and knowledge are not incompatible with emotion, leisure and culture.